Sunday, 5 April 2009

Le Di-Vin, Working Through The Wine List - #1

Rosacker, Cave Vinicole De Hunawhir, Grand Cru, Alsace, Riesling 2007

Charlotte Square in Edinburgh, the park at its centre the site for the annual Book Festival in August is usually a quiet spot the rest of the year. This spring once again the many crocuses carpet the edges and the grass has recovered from the rigours of winter and has become a vibrant green once again. But with Princes Street closed every Lothian bus that services the west of the city now takes a detour around the square giving many more people the opportunity to admire the small piece of green surrounded by Robert Adam's (who died before its completion) crowning glory, and the epitome of what Robert Burns called 'the heavenly Hanoverianism' of Edinburgh's New Town with its classic edifices, handsome squares and spacious thoroughfares. Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) was born at No. 16, Lister at No.9 and Earl Haig at No.34.
Just a stone's throw way is an establishment I've mentioned before (see posting Le di Vin 18/06/08) in my ramblings which I'm pleased to say has become a favourite place to escape to. There are so many wines I would like to try on the wine list I've decided that this entry is the first one of the Le Di-Vin, Working Through The Wine List. A series of tastings, each with a snippet of what can be found in the vicinity of this fine, well run establishment.

On a Saturday evening I join my Aussie mate and my Canadian Mountie mate for gossip, giggles and putting the world to rights. For this we choose a wine that offers something more than the usual dry white wines. Although we didn't solve all the problems of the world that night, that's fine, there's always next time.

Tasting notes
Very pale, almost clear edge. Citrus fruits and peaches. All aromas quite subtle on the nose. Savoury notes too. Blast of citrus on the palate, balanced mouth watering acidity.

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