Sunday, 10 January 2010

Tour D' Argent auction update - real cost

Early last month the Tour D'Argent auction took place. Bidding was fraught with many bottles going for more than the guide price and for more than they were actually worth.

Tour D' Argent restaurant in the heart of Paris, established as far back as 1582 and with a cellar containing around 450,000 bottles of wine went under the happen.

Before the event (see previous blog entry for details) I gave myself an imaginary budget of about €2000, this is what I'd buy.

Lot 523 - because I've never tasted anything that old €900-€1000
1 bouteille CHÂTEAU GRUAUD-LAROSE, 2° cru Saint-Julien 1870 (SE, V, caps. de négociant
- final selling price €1100

Lot 164 - because it's one (of my many) favourite areas €550-€600
12 bouteilles CÔTE-RÔTIE "La Landonne", Rostaing 2000 - final selling price €1050

Lot 1223 - because it seemed like a nice mix €300-€350
Ensemble de 12 bouteilles
3 bouteilles BEAUNE "Domaine Hippolyte Thévenot", A. Guyon 1978
3 bouteilles BEAUNE "Teurons", Germain 1978 (2 TLB)
3 bouteilles BEAUNE "Grèves", J. Drouhin 1978
3 bouteilles BEAUNE "Epenottes", Parent 1978 (1 coll. manquante)
- final selling price €600

Lot 1046 - because it's the vintage I was born in - €60-€80
3 bouteilles RIESLING "V.T.", L. Beyer 1971 (LB) - final selling price €280

Total actual cost €3030

What the BBC had to say about it.

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