Sunday, 7 February 2010

January 2010 - Wine Round Up

January 2010 brought snow storms, journeys to my home town of Nottingham to visit hospital bound relatives and a day job that although I thought couldn't get any busier; did..

Fortunately there were some wine moments to get me through the Scottish winter, wine blogs to read, wine articles to ponder over and of course wine in the glass to contemplate.

Jamie Goode's blog about his trip to New Zealand made me feel nostalgic for the place that started my interest in wine. He's visited many an old haunt, such as the Martinborough Hotel where I spent Christmas 2006. This coupled with some reviews on some great wines and fantastic photos made for a really enjoyable read.

The Guardian Newspaper wine section provided some interesting articles. I've added links to my favourites below.

Victoria Moore offered an interesting take on wine selection in supermarkets, listing what not to select

Alistair Smith seemed to be on a mission to find drinkable wine in theatres, I have to agree with the article, only I've chosen an alternative solution, I drink beer when I go to the theatre.

The wine of the month for me was a rather lovely Gewurtztraminer (2008) from Zarcillo winery in the Bio Bio Valley, Chile. An elegant wine with a floral, citrussy and spicy mix. This was in the case I received for Christmas, a gift from my husband, purchased from The Wine Society.

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