Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Part 3 of 6 - Incrocio Manzoni

Mazoni is the name of a professor and teacher of Oenology and a friend of Luigi's grandfather. Made from a cross pollination of vines that produce Pinot Bianco and Italian Riesling (an Italian clone of Riesling, not the German Riesling) this vine is not found in any other part of Italy.

To look at:
It looks very similar to the Marzemina Bianca but fuller bodied. Still a slight fizz but again not as much as the first.

On the nose:
Much fruitier than the Marzemina and citrus is evident (perhaps the Riesling influence) but it's not powerful.

To taste:
Very fruity with excellent length, citrus, lemon, lime with sweeter honey undertones.

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