Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Part 5 of 6 - Raboso del Piave

This is the flagship of Casa Roma. Raboso is the oldest documented grape variety in the Veneto region, older than the 17th century Barolla. Raboso is thought to derive from the Italian word rabbioso, or angry. This grape variety is excellent at resisting disease which may explain how it has lasted so long.

The label on the bottle depicts the stones of the Piave river. It was harvested in Nov 2002 and spent 3 years in the barrel before bottling.

To look at:
Very deep bright red, you can barely see through it.

On the nose:
It burns the inside of my nose so it's high in alcohol. Dark fruits - black currents, Logan berries. Rose petals are in there too.

To taste:
Freshness at first followed by the dark plums. Dusty tannins that settle easily and has good length. It's acidity is high but I like this.

It's served with Aberdeen Angus beef which is a perfect match, this is a good Italian wine so it goes well with food. I think because of the high acidity it will keep and only get better, I bought some, so will let you know in years to come.

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