Monday, 12 March 2007

Chandon Vintage Brut 2003 (Australia)

Purchased direct from the vineyard in the Yarra Valley and transported across the globe by an Aussie friend who had promised me I'd be around when the cork was finally popped and I'm really pleased to say she was true to her word.

Domaine Chandon Australia was established in the Yarra Valley, Victoria in 1986 by Moet & Chandon. On the front of the bottle it states the wine is a "Classic blend of premium Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meurier."

Made using Methode Traditionale (the same as Champagne but in a different region), blended with over 30 individual base wines and aged over yeast for 30 months.

At last on a breezy but mild Edinburgh night, only hours after Scotland had been beaten by Ireland in the Six Nations by only one point (far less than expected) Monsieur Vin and I made our way over Dean Bridge to a delightful apartment on Oxford Terrace.

The flat's bathed in subdued light and is warm and cosy after our walk across town. The bottle of Brut is prised open on arrival. The mousse looks smooth and inviting, I can't wait to try it. We chink glasses. The aroma hits my nostrils and they are filled with apple, pear, biscuits, toast and melons. It's smooth and creamy to taste, the bubbles bounce off my tongue and the taste lingers.

For my Aussie friend it brings back memories of home. Being at home in Melbourne, at the beach house, family occasions and ship launches (she's ex Australian forces). This makes it a top-class wine in my books.

Sincere thanks to my Aussie friend for this opportunity.

If you would like to try this one yourself it retails in the UK under the name Green Point but it's hard to come by. They have a website but it has a few errors on it.

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