Sunday, 4 March 2007

Ca'ronesca - Pinot grigio ( Centotre, Edinburgh)

I revealed this evening the name of my alter-ego Madame Vin to a group of work colleagues and it was met with some hilarity, I just don't understand why!

We needed to celebrate a number key milestone of the project and the fact we are almost at the end of what at times has been a hard slog. I chose the fantastic Edinburgh establishment of Centotre that as always didn't let me down (well apart from perhaps the fruit salad, but that's another story).

I was very tempted to choose the Casa Roma offering on the wine list but in the end I decided upon the Ca'ronesca Collio, Pinot Grigio 2005. I do love the way the folks at Centrotre pick their wines. It's all based on small growers who care about the whole wine process and experience and Ca'ronesca are no exception. The first few lines on their website read.

'Our aim is to produce wines of excellence which reflect the character of a terroir with an exceptional vocation for wine growing'

I can't remember the exact price of this bottle but I'm pretty sure it was only around £20, a fantastic price for a fantastic wine.

My tasting notes were not scribbled down as normal, but were typed into my colleagues PDA and them emailed to me direct, how very cool!

Some members of the group felt the wine was served a little warm, I sometimes like this as ice cold can sometimes disguise faults in a wine. A lovely pinot, straw yellow in colour and nice and light to boot. Although not strong aromas a light mixture of pear and apricot was evident. Crisp and dry yet smooth on the tongue, well rounded and has great length.

A fantastic Italian meal to accompany this wine, enjoyable company and nice atmosphere all added up to a great night.

Ca' ronesca have a great website too

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