Sunday, 28 January 2007

La Grille - Sauvignon Blanc

It's been a quiet weekend in the Vin house. The January blues arrive so we book a week in Italy next month as something to look forward to.
Our fortnightly trip to Waitrose involves stocking up on a couple of cheapies to keep us going. We're in a hurry so I choose quickly.
La Grille has an usual label design, not traditional at all. It has a cream background and a photo of a small boat on the Loire. The name on the label Henry Bourgeois is familiar. After reading the label on the back I realise why, the family have also planted vineyards in New Zealand, I feel sure I have tried one of these wines whilst living in Wellington. This label also explains the picture on the front; the flat bottomed gabarre with its square sail is almost unique to the Loire, traditionally carrying wines down the river to the Atlantic seaports and to clients the world over.
We had this wine on its own and then with chicken the next day. It's crisp and fresh with great lively green fruits.
It's easy drinking and light, a great bottle of wine for only £5.99

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