Sunday, 9 March 2008

Baron de Hoen - Reisling Burgreben

I'm watching last week's Torchwood and need something to calm my nerves as death stalks the corridors of a hospital. My legs ache after a workout at the gym earlier this evening.
Winter is back with a vengeance, a sprinkling of snow on the hills I can see from the office window. It's been a long and decidedly stressful day. Too much work, not enough time.......

Anyway, back to business. I've opened a bottle of Vin d'alsace riesling from the cellar.

It's golden straw in colour, a rich sunshine yellow. It's strong on the nose with tropical fruits, lychee's and honeysuckle.

I take a sip, sucking in air to release the flavours, they burst on to my tongue, nectar and grapefruits. Acidity is high as it slides down my throat. It has great length that leaves a lingering citrussy coating on the tongue.

After a few sips I melt in to the sofa and let my aches, pains and stresses of the day melt away.

Available from Nicolas, £9.25

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