Sunday, 9 March 2008

Chateau la Noe - Muscadet sur lie - 2006

Scotland beat England yesterday in the Six Nations. We stayed at home to watch the game, glad we did now!

I've been hearing on the news all weekend that the worst storm of the winter is heading towards the UK. Fortunately and unusually the worst affected areas are going to be in the south not the north.

I had a text from a friend. A man disaster looms, I feel for her and the run of bad luck she has been suffering for the last few months. Things can only get better for her.

So, I raise my glass to her, may happier times be on the horizon.

The wine shimmers in the vivid spot lights of the kitchen. Sometimes it appears a deep yellow, other times it seems transparent.
The grassy aromas of a Loire Valley (cool climate) wine hits my nostrils. But I can also sense floral undertones, they're subtle but definitely there.
It's sharp, dry and tart on my tongue. It's viscous with body, lemony and herby. It coats my mouth with a mixture of savoury and citrus is full and satisfying.

Muscadet's are a non-complicated, dry wine. For a Sunday night's quaffing, it's perfect.

This wine is available from Nicolas for £6.25

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