Monday, 29 June 2009

A little bit of California in Edinburgh………

Edinburgh Princes Street is closed due to tram works. The shops are open but to negotiate crossing the roads in the vicinity of Princes Street is to be blunt, a real pain. In Shandwick Place you can see where you need to be, it just takes 10 minutes to work out how to get there through bollards, barriers and fencing. Once on Princes Street you have to take long detours up the side streets to get from one end to the other. Needless to say after an afternoon’s unsuccessful and infuriating trip to the shops I found myself on Rose Street. I’ve been following updates on Twitter from Calistoga, Edinburgh for a little while now. I remember their new venture Calistoga Central is somewhere off this very street. With the help of my trust iphone I’m able to find its location and using the same device I’m able to make contact with my Aussie mate, who is not far away and as normal a willing accomplice to in my quest.

Despite the warm and sunny afternoon the small courtyard at the back is in shade, but we decide to give it a try anyway.

The wine list is an impressive list of Californian wines, it’s difficult to choose. We decide on the Dancing Coyote, (Clarksburg) 2006, Verdelho. I haven’t had a Verdelho for sometime. Yellow/green in colour, it’s clear and fresh. Subtle on the nose, white fruits and a little floral too. On the palate honeydew melon and tropical fruits present.

After awhile we move inside, we are the only ones in the bar. The walls are adorned with images of Californian wine areas, Napa Valley, Sonoma County and Bonny Doon vineyard posters. I try and twitter but discover I’m in a dead zone.

As we are leaving a group of ladies arrive for a wine tasting in the restaurant next door.

It’s early days yet but with a great wine list and a great pricing policy I think that Calistoga Central will soon be as popular as the original Calistoga near the Meadows.

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