Monday, 31 August 2009

Savuto Odoardi (Nocera Trinese, Calabria, Italy), Centotre

If there's one place in Edinburgh where you can guarantee a warm welcome then it's Centotre. It was one of the first places I ate out in when I first moved to Edinburgh 3 years ago. It has consistently provided excellent service, food and wine ever since. The interesting and ever changing wine list always makes it very difficult to make my choice. The wine has been carefully sourced based on the love and hard work that goes into producing them.

The Odoardi family have been producing wine for centuries, but it is only recently that they have begun to become an award winning producer. I've had some interesting wines from Southern Italy and it's destination that's high on my "must visit" list. The Odoardi vineyards are near Catanzaro in Calabria (the region that forms the toe of Italy) and are called Nocera Trinese. Here the Odoardi family still prune vines in an alberello pattern, the way they have since the 3rd century BC. Instead of being trellised, the plants are clipped to resemble small trees allowing the grapes to ripen more evenly and to produce more powerful juice.

They also still use the traditional blend of grapes (45% Gaglioppo, 15% Greco Nero, 15% Nerello Cappuccio, 15% Magliocco Canino) and a touch (10%) Sangiovese, but age the wine for two years in large oak casks.

The result is unusual to say the least. A deep/opaque red wine with purple hues, stewed black plums and black pepper. It's not similar to anything I've tried before. Each time I taste it I get something else, even stewed red currents.

Truly delicious.....

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