Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Highlights of today's surfing

I try and have a 'wine-surf' of an evening, checking out the RSS feeds I've set up and links I've followed from websites I like and newsletters I've signed up to receive by email. I don't get chance to read them all everyday, but I'd like to share with you now and again the highlights of an evenings surfing.

So as I sit with my feet up, mac book perched on my lap, Spooks followed by True blood on the TV and a glass full of 2001 Glorioso Gran Reserva Rioja purchased from Oddbins on my way home from work, here goes.

There's a lot of chatter of Twitter from the US for Thanksgiving preparations and Enobytes followed this theme with quite a nifty little slide show to help guide you through the trials and tribulations of wine and food pairing to make the event as stress free as possible (@enobytes).

A link from the Decanter website led me to the Colchester Wine Company and New Scientist Experience, a short article but I found the scientific overview for each of the wines really interesting, definitely learnt something here.

I also get sent various links from friends and family today Monsieur Vin sent me a link to Fledgling Wine a great way for those of you in San Francisco to combine wine drinking and charity, a rather lovely idea and a great cause too.

A must read for any wine enthusiast comes from the oldest blogger on the block (not in age I hasten to add, but years of service to the blogging world), today the Wine Anaorak introduces me to Chilean cold climate Sauvignon Blanc, now on the hunt to purchase and try...(@jamiegoode)
And as I start to feel sleepy...

The Tasting Note blog were truly desperate to celebrate the 40th birthday of Sesame Street but couldn't find a wine link, so used the Muppets instead, the clip of Steve Martin as the wine waiter is priceless and an excellent note to end the evening's surfing on.
Also realised I'm not following them on Twitter (@thetastingnote) so put that right.

Thanks all and good night.......zzzzzzzz

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