Wednesday, 4 November 2009

"Meet Up" Wine Group Edinburgh

After signing up for the group at the weekend I attended the first "Meet Up" this evening. Whighams Wine Cellars in the heart of the city, just off Charlotte Square is probably the most well known wine bar in Edinburgh. With its semi dark nook and cranny seating it's an ideal spot for a wind down after work or a secret assignation.

Tonight Liberty Wines, T.M. Robertson Wine Cellars and Forth Wines showcase a selection of 50 wines.

The restaurant area is set up for the tasting and the crowds scramble forward, tasting glass in hand. Around the tables conversations with numerous people, all of whom seem to be here as part of the "Meet Up", so I'm guessing it's a good turn out. Not surprisingly I meet someone who works for same company as me, but she also works in the same office building and only one floor away, I can probably see her from my there no escape! She's a lovely lady and I get an invite to a Women In Business wine tasting evening - fantastic!

I try numerous wines a Lebanese Chateau Musar, A Mano Bianco from Italy and a Beaumont Mourvedre from South Africa. The Mourvedre is good, but at £30 a bottle a little pricey for what I'm after tonight.

I'm looking to get a few bottles of something white, dry and packed with citrus to fill a gap in the rack and something Monsieur Vin will like too. I plump for the Schloss Vollrads Castle Riesling (Germany), at £12 a bottle and a convenient time for me for delivery. It has the great citrus punch I'm looking for and will go well with the numerous fish dishes we have of an evening.

I also made an impulse buy tonight - A Winter's Tale Amontillado sherry, a great nutty aroma, smooth sweetness on the palate and a lovely warming feel. A great aperitif and winter warmer for the coming winter and festive season. Should have checked the prices on my iPhone before ordering as readily available on the Internet at a cheaper price - you can't win 'em all............

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