Monday, 27 November 2006

Centotre 26th Nov 2006 “Casa Roma” Part 1 of 6

An Introduction
It was such a fantastic and unique night I have decided to share with you all of my notes, instead of just the usual highlights.

Oenologist and owner of Casa Roma Luigi Peruzzetto arrived in Edinburgh only a couple of hours before the event was due to start. He has never been abroad before and rather than staying a few days to look around he is due to fly out of Edinburgh at 10:00am the following morning. Why? To get back to his vines of course.

The Casa Roma estate is situated in the Piave region (Piave is the river that runs through it) north east of Venice and has been in the Peruzetto family for many years. Luigi introduced us to some very unusual wines made from traditional grapes. Luigi isn't afraid to experiment and as a result he has created some fascinating and wonderful wines.

I felt very privileged to have been apart of such a delightful evening and would like to thank Centotre for organising it, and providing a fantastic menu to accompany the wines. I would also like to thank Paul Dwyer (Wine Broadcaster & Speaker) for his company and expert knowledge and advice, a real treat for me.

For further information about Casa Roma please visit the website is excellent and gives you a history of Casa Roma got its name and information on the wines available.

For further information on Centotre please visit a place where you always receive a warm welcome, fine food and experience a great atmosphere.

To follow in part 2-6 - The Wines

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