Sunday, 19 November 2006

Sangiovese di Toscana, Le Mire, Tuscany, 2005

I would like to have chilled this wine, a personal preference for lighter reds, but forgot. It's made from sangiovese with a small proportion of Merlot. I wasn't surprised to find a plastic cork as this is one of the lower ranges from this particular vineyard. I think plastic corks in young wines are just fine although anything more than a couple of years old I'd have second thoughts. The cork is a stunning red with the web address; unfortunately the site is under construction this month so I was unable to check this out.
The bottle has a fantastic label of a bright red flower (research required to find out which one).
We had it with roast lamb which was probably a little over powering for this wine and a pasta dish or meaty fish (perhaps tuna steak) would have been better.

To look at:
A light ruby red.

On the nose:
A mix of raspberries with hints of dark fruits (probably from the merlot) and quite savoury.

To Taste:
Quite high in tannins for a light wine but bursts of plums and the food relax them. It has good length.

Not a complex wine but a cheerful little number for a wintry Scottish Sunday night. After the bottle had been open for awhile the fruit flavours increase delightfully.
In short for the price, a real bargain.

This wine is available from Cambridge/Edinburgh Wine Merchants for £5.99 and is on offer at the moment, 2 for £10

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