Sunday, 12 November 2006

Madame Vin - An Introduction

I'm a wine enthusiast who is on a journey of discovery. I'm not a fine wine expert but someone who appreciates wine for what it is. This journey is to compare research and learn about the world of wine. The subject is vast and riddled with pitfalls and I know I will make mistakes on the way. I'd like to open up discussions with you out there in cyberspace, to share my opinions and discoveries and to share yours too.

Wine to me is a personal thing, a mood, the company you are with, an accompaniment to good food and the place you drink it and most of all something you like and enjoy. Whether it costs £2.99 from your local supermarket or hundreds of pounds from a restaurant wine list, if none of the above reasons apply to your appreciation then you've missed the point of wine.

Many people who know me I think believe my interest in wine is only about the drinking and to certain extent this is of course true as this is the purpose of wine. Some of them will be surprised to learn that I now own wine that I don't intend to drink for another 10 to 15 years. I don't drink wine to get drunk although sometimes this is an obvious side effect and I guess that goes back to the company I am with.

There are many winemakers who put a great deal of time, effort, thought and personality into their wines and there are those that just, well, don't. Is there a difference in taste? Let's find out together.

There won't be lists of vintage years or what you are expected to smell/taste in a particular wine or not. But a series of thoughts, ideas and experiences and perhaps even a little bit of knowledge too.

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