Saturday, 16 June 2007

Taste Edinburgh - Appellation Wines

A relatively new wine company that is internet based and delivers to your door. It has approximately 150 wines on offer, the only stipulation is you order minimum of 12 bottles. The wines have obviously been chosen carefully by someone who has a passion and an understanding of the industry. It’s not about the name or a particular area; it’s about what each individual wine has to offer. They also offer tasting sessions, quizzes for all group sizes, basically if it’s to do with wine they can arrange it. Check out there website at
Buisse Method Traditional Sparkling NV (12%). I had to try this one because of the price, just £9.49. It’s got lovely citrus flavours and dry, just how I like it. A great one for weddings etc. A real bargain for a great wine.
Buisse Pouilly Fume 2005 (12.5%) £12.49
A delight, one to stock for summer days to go with salads and salmon. Gooseberries, herbs, green fruits, grasses with subtle honeysuckle, hmmm lovely.
F Schawach Gewurztraminer Reserve 2004 (13%) £8.40
Gewurtz is a grape that I don’t get along with terribly well. On the one hand I love the way it varies so much, each time I try one it’s different again and even the same one develops and changes over time. Now I know this is a good thing but I do find it takes a long time to find the type that suits me and my tastes, but once I have then it’s fantastic. That’s why at these events if there is one on offer I generally give it a go. This is a good gewurtz with strong pink grapefruits and lychees, it has good length and an interesting complexity but it’s not for me. If you like sweeter wines with zesty finish you’ll love it.

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