Saturday, 16 June 2007

Taste Edinburgh - Part 2 Bordeaux Whites

Bordeaux Whites £5-£10
The two whites in the £5-£10 range were very light. The first Chateau Bonnet from the appellation Entre Deux Merswhich lays south Creon and south of the Dordogne, a blend of Sauvignon Blanc (45), Semillon (35) and Sauvignon Gris (15). Clean and crisp with lemony twist. I don’t pick up much grassiness from the Sauv Blanc as this I think has been tempered by the Semillon. It’s an okay wine for the price.
The Premius from the appellation Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc (90) and Semillon (10). Its colour is very pale; to taste it’s a bit disappointing. It’s clean and fresh like the first but it lacks complexity. There are some fruit flavours such as pear and melon. If you like a very light easy drinking wine then this is for you.
Bordeaux Whites £10-£15
We have Grand Enclos de Cerons from the appellation Bordeaux a blend of Semillon (70), Sauvignon (21) and Sauvignon Gris (9). It’s looks more viscous in the glass (although it’s quite hard to tell in the little plastic cup we are using, a really awful way of tasting) and has a deeper colour. To taste: it’s fresh with a good balance of acidity, ripe summer fruits with a hint of spice, rather lovely I think.
Madlys de Sainte-Marie again from the Entre-duex-Mers is another good example of a light white wine. Sauvignon Blanc (62), Semillon (28) and Muscadelle (10). Definite floral notes on the nose, honeysuckle and nectar. To taste: it’s sweeter than expected and holds the floral aspect, with ripe pears. But there’s also a hint of flint and sulphur. A nice cheeky easy drinking wine.

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