Sunday, 29 July 2007

Domaine de Salvert - Tasting Notes - Part 1

Rose - 2006 70% Grolleau/30% Cabernet Franc
To look at - brick red, changes in the light from red to orange, clear edge
On the nose - fresh strawberries and raspberries
To taste - fresh fruits can be tasted on the palate too with a dry finish loaded with fruit
A fantastic rose, made for summer evenings. Would be great with spicy salads.

White - Chenin Blanc 2006
To look at - clear and fresh, moves freely in the glass
On the nose - white fresh fruits - pears, melons at the peak of ripeness. Also some elderberry and floral honeysuckle.
To taste - fresh and dry, but not too dry with again the fruits clamoring on my tongue
A surprisingly complex wine yet simple wine (if that makes sense?) that would be a great match for fish, white meat salads and seafood such as oysters.

Red - 40% Cabernet Franc/60% Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
To look at - quite a deep red but still has the same freshness as the rose/white
On the nose - dark fruits - black currents, damsons that are fresh and ready to eat
To taste - the dark fruits handle the dry finish well, smooth and lengthy
A great accompaniment to any red meat dish including duck salads

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