Saturday, 31 January 2009

Hyland, Penley Estate, Coonawarra, Shiraz, 2002

Aussie Mate & Tiger T arrive on my doorstep, slightly out of breath after the 3 storey climb up the old tenement stairway. Hats, scarves and various layers are removed and a naturally chilled bottle is proffered from Tiger T.
The smell of roast lamb and potatoes permeates the air as Monsieur Vin prepares our Sunday dinner. Marlowe rests a comforting paw on Tiger T's knee, he must know she's feeling a little down right now or maybe he's hedging his bets on who might be first to offer a wee morsel from their plate.
Glasses filled we gather around our small dining room table and toast the chef as is the custom in the Vin household.
I take in the aromas of the Shiraz, my senses take in the powerful blackberries laid out on a gentle smoky oakiness. The chatter and laughter increases as relax into the occasion. My palate enjoys the continued intensity of black fruit flavours and the candle light sparkles off the deep red liquid. The rich dark gravy and dark meat compliments the wine is perfect the rich full bodied wine. Oaky tannins linger in the mouth, this wine has pretty good length.

All in all a rather lovely Sunday afternoon.

I'm impressed with the Penley Estate website, it has good detailed descriptions of all the wines and I'll certainly be on the look out for other wines from the Penley Estate.

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