Wednesday, 28 October 2009

What would you bid for - 18,000 to choose from?

I can think of numerous reasons to visit Paris, but an opportunity to buy that special bottle of wine or even bag a bargain, from a selection of 18,000 bottles, where every region of France is represented, seems like a pretty good reason to me.

Tour D' Argent restaurant in the heart of Paris, established as far back as 1582 and with a cellar containing around 450,000 bottles of wine has a sale on.

The history behind this restaurant fascinates me, with its tradition, many famous visitors and numbered ducks it's a fascinating story. If you order a duck it is numbered (the 1,000,000th duck was sold in 2003). For the famous the duck will become a personality in its own right: in the visitors' book of famous ducks, no. 328 was served to King Edward VII in 1890, no. 40,312 to King Alfonso XIII in 1914, no. 53,211 to the Emperor Hiro Hito in 1921, no. 667 998 to Thierry Luron and no. 938,451 to President Mikhail Gorbachev. You can find out more on the restaurant website (flying ducks not to be missed)

The wine cellar survived WWII, the proprietor at the time walled up the majority of the cellar, keeping it hidden from the occupying German army. Now, it's getting over crowded and space is needed giving the public the opportunity to bid on some interesting lots.

I've given myself an imaginary budget of about €2000, this is what I'd buy.

Lot 523 - because I've never tasted anything that old €900-€1000
Lot 164 - because it's one (of my many) favourite areas €550-€600
Lot 1223 - because it seemed like a nice mix €300-€350
Lot 1046 - because it's the vintage I was born in - €60-€80

It will be interesting to see what they actually sell for!

The Independent newspaper provides an insight in to the sale and the lot list is here too.

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