Monday, 26 October 2009

What's on your doorstep

It never ceases to amaze me how some things can be on your door step and you just don't realise it. I dashed back from work tonight to catch the early showing of The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. I arrived at the Cameo cinema a few steps from my front door with enough time to enjoy a quick glass of wine. Time's short so I ask for a dry white, not even a glance at the wine list.
Monsieur Vin arrives, whilst waiting for a coffee he spots the wine list and throws it over to me. There's some interesting wines on the list including Dinastia Vivanco Rioja, a wine introduced to me by @thirstforwine.
They call the start of the movie, I enter the auditorium with a mental note to pop back as soon as possible.

As for the film, a fairy tale for adults, the wonderful imaginarium of Terry Gilliam.

Claim to fame note - I once sat next to Terry Gilliam on a Rynair flight to Ancona, Italy.

Tomorrow - off to Pekham's Underground, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh where you can purchase your wine from the shop upstairs at retail prices and you can have it with your dinner downstairs and no corkage!


Robert McIntosh (thirstforwine) said...

sounds like a great place. Wine & Cinema (plus great wine, of course!)

Actually working on a wine & cinema related idea and will let you know when (and if) it comes off!

Look forward to seeing the film as well, but mine will probably be with the wine at home in front of the TV with film on demand

Madame Vin said...

Wine & cinema is a great idea, hate the plastic glass thing though if you want to take it in with you............

Robert McIntosh (thirstforwine) said...

ah, yes - plastic not the best showcase for good wine