Saturday, 28 February 2009

Hunter & Hawke - LA FUZELLE Sancerre, La Campagne Syrah Vin de Pays d'Oc

A blue light spreads across the arched stone doorway of Hawke and Hunter, Edinburgh. Inside the iron staircase coils the centre of the building connecting the various rooms. Winding corridors take you the secret garden where patrons can relax by the heaters in winter and the open air in summer.
Upstairs on the first floor is the main bar. The bar itself forms a square in the centre of the room, we are greeted by the bar man. The wine list offers a varied choice to suit all budgets. We're in a white, dry crisp kind of mood so choose the La Fuzelle Sancerre. To the right of the bar the rooms are dark with black flock wallpaper and subdued lighting from lamps and candles. Outside the lights and traffic of the city seem some how out of place. Settled on high backed chairs by the fire, the flicker of the candle dances in the reflection of our mirrored square table as the bar tender delivers our wine.
Aromas of green apples fill my nose. On the palate this becomes a mix of crisp green apples, sharp lemon and lime. Medium bodied with good mouth watering acidity it's really rather pleasing.
We decide to stay and have dinner. The dining room is on the ground floor and is dominated by the fire place. Two alcove dining areas provide space for larger groups. The large copper light fittings add a modern touch to the ancient building. La Campagne Syrah Vin de Pays d'Oc, 2006 is recommended by Emma our waitress and it's a good match for the pheasant chosen by my Aussie mate and my venison. Lovely spices, coriander and blue berries with some red fruit.

During the meal a staff member takes to the piano and entertains us with a Norah Jones number too! All in all, a great venue with great staff/service that doesn't charge you the earth for the privilege.

We'll be back I'm sure.

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