Saturday, 7 February 2009

Terra Di Vulcano, Bisceglia 2007

I settle in the comfortable chairs in the bar of the newly opened Hotel du Vin in Edinburgh. I must confess I was a little excited when I heard the hotel chain was going to open a place in my home city and even more so when I found out that it was going to be located only a 12 minute walk from my front door.
It's lovely and warm in the new bar and the vibrancy of the bistro below makes for an excellent atmosphere. I've stayed at the Hotel Du Vin in Winchester and Glasgow and eaten at numerous others, the staff have been fantastic, Edinburgh is no exception.
After a warm welcome the sommelier recommends the Southern Italy Falanghina.

It's pale golden in colour and has floral and savoury notes on the nose, it's interesting and fresh, there are apples too. It's dry on the palate and the apple is more prominent with vegetal undertones.

I don't think there is a wine producing country quite like Italy. The vast number of varieties, production methods and terroir coupled with an imagination and creative flair result in a new experience every time I try a new Italian wine.

Falanghina is an ancient variety that can be found in Southern Italy. I've tried a number of Southern Italian wines and have found varying degrees of quality, but I think this one is certainly towards the top end of the scale.

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