Sunday, 1 February 2009

Rocky Gully, Frankland River, 2007 Riesling

After a day of travelling the tube and visits to Cambden Town, St Pancras Champagne Bar and an exhibition at the British Library I'm ready for dinner. It's a short walk from the Hoxton Urban Lodge across the east end of London to the new venture The Boundary. It's a hotel, restaurant and Art base that opened at the beginning of January 2009.
We are warmly welcomed on the ground floor and ushered in to the lift up to the restaurant. Coats, scarves and hats are collected by friendly staff and we are taken to our table. The long open kitchen stretches the length of the dining room, you can see it all, from the prep and cooking to the cleaning up at the end. Above our heads the ceiling depicts the constellations, the pattern of the Great Bear stands out as pin pricks of light.
We are seated side by side in a booth at a kidney shaped table. The menu has fantastic variety and the wine list is huge. The sommelier arrives after I've had a few minutes to peruse the pages and pages of wine available. I'm homing in on a Riesling and he suggests the Rocky Gully as I'm looking for something on the drier side, or may be it's because he is Australian.
I'm not surprised that it is a screw cap and he still offers me a quick taste.
It's pale, almost clear but medium bodied. On the nose I pick up the classic citrus, grapefruit and peach with a floral edge.
It's dry on the palate, fresh lemon and acidity and little salty (in a good way).

It's great and in an establishment where most wines have a lower margin so there are a lot of wines are below £35 it's pretty good value for money. Designed to be drubk young it's definitely on my recommended list.

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